Building Codes and design information

Please click here for the current Building Codes

Powhatan County is currently under the 2018 Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.  The link above will take you to the VBCOA website where the current VUSBC and older code editions can be found as well. 

Design Information:
-Ground Snow Load: 20/25 based on Figure R301.2(6) of the VRC 
-Wind Speed: 115 mph ultimate design wind speed-3 second gust
-Seismic Category: C
-Weathering: Severe 
-Frost Depth: 18 inches
-Termite: Moderate to Heavy
-Winter Design Temperature: 16.5 Degrees Fahrenheit 
-Mean Annual Temperature: 56.7 Degrees Fahrenheit
-Ice Barrier underlayment: No
-Flood Hazards: (1973)Contact Ed Howland 804-598-5621 x2002
-Air Freeze Index: 1500 or less based on Table 403.3(2) of the VRC
-Shrink/Swell Soil: Per local GIS mapping