Convenience Center

Since the closing of the local landfill in 1986, Powhatan County has operated a convenience center (formerly known as the transfer station) which is located at 2407 Mitchell Road. The Convenience Center provides residents with an area in which to recycle and dispose of household solid waste refuse.

Proof of Residency

A Convenience Center sticker, properly displayed, is required as proof of County residence to use the Convenience Center. Please bring your vehicle registration, indicating a Powhatan County address, to the Convenience Center in order to obtain your sticker. A sticker will be issued and should be placed on the back of your vehicle's rear view mirror so that it is visible from the outside of your vehicle.

Commercial Waste

Commercial waste is not accepted.
The Convenience Center observes the following holidays and will be closed:
  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran's Day 

  • Thanksgiving - Closed Nov 22 and Nov 23.  Nov 24, normal business hours
  • Christmas - Closed Dec 24 & 25 all day

Recycling Law & Waste Management Authority

In 1989, the Virginia General Assembly passed a law requiring local governments to recycle 25% of their refuse. In 1990, Powhatan County joined the newly formed Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA), a public service authority that includes 13 jurisdictions in Central Virginia in order to help reach the 25% recycling mandate regionally.

County Success

That goal has been continuously met and exceeded with the current CVWMA regional recycling rate of 58% for fiscal year 2015. We thank you, the citizens of Powhatan County, for contributing in achieving this rate and we would like to encourage you to recycle even more material this fiscal year.

More Information

Should you have any question how to dispose or recycle an item, please feel free to contact the Convenience Center. You may also use CVWMA's Recycling Wizard tool to identify what items can be recycled at the Convenience Center.