Why is there a 4 p.m. Law?
The 4 p.m. Law was adopted during the 1940s to reduce the number of wildfires which occurred each spring. During this time of the year, Virginia traditionally has an increased number of fires. During the winter months, winds are usually elevated, the relative humidity is lower and the fuels on the forest floor are extremely dry, having "cured" without having the tree leaves to shade them.

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1. What is the 4 p.m. Law?
2. When is the 4 p.m. Law in effect?
3. Why is there a 4 p.m. Law?
4. Why 4 p.m.?
5. What is the main cause of wildfires in Virginia?
6. How many wildfires burn in Virginia each year and how many acres are burned?
7. Can I have a campfire if I put rocks around it?
8. If I take all precautions with my fire after 4 p.m. and it escapes and starts a fire, am I responsible for the suppression cost?
9. What is the penalty for violating the 4 p.m. Law?
10. Can I use my charcoal or gas fire barbeque grill?
11. Are building contractors and road construction jobs exempt from the 4 p.m. Law?