Library Card Policy

Library card applicants are required to provide some form of current identification and read and sign the following statement: " I hereby agree to obey all the rules and regulations of the public library, to pay promptly all fines charged on my account, and to give reasonable notice of any change of phone number and address." Upon registration each patron is issued a library card and a summary of rules and regulations governing the use of the library.

Who May Register
All residents, property owners, students, and persons employed in Powhatan County are eligible to borrow materials from the library free of charge upon registering for a library card.

Youth Registration
Children are eligible for library cards at age 5 or upon entering kindergarten. Children under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the application form. The library is not responsible for materials used or borrowed by juveniles, which their parents may find objectionable.

Reciprocal Borrowing Privileges
Powhatan County Public Library provides reciprocal borrowing privileges for citizens of surrounding counties, cities and towns.

Renewal of Cards
All library patron information is verified and updated annually.

Replacement of Cards
A fee of $1.00 is charged for replacement of a lost or damaged card. Proper identification must be presented before a replacement card can be issued.

Lost or Stolen Card
In the event that a card is lost or stolen, it is the patron’s responsibility to notify the library immediately. A reported lost/stolen card will be blocked from further use. A new card will be issued upon re-registration.