Broadband Initiative

May 22, 2017 Wireless Update:

Powhatan County through their partnership with SCS Broadband is working to complete the infrastructure needed to load and start service off of the first towers within the next 60 days. The planned initial towers are the County's Mitchell Road Tower, and a commercially owned tower off of Route 522 in the Jefferson area. SCS hopes to begin offering service plans to customers in these areas in early August 2017. Click here to be notified when service is available for your location. 

The Powhatan Broadband Initiative page provides information on methods of obtaining affordable high speed internet service.  The County conducted a broadband survey on the current status of Broadband availability for the homes and businesses in Powhatan County.

Click HERE for results. 

On January 23, 2016, SCS Broadband presented the Broadband Implementation Plan for Powhatan County to the Board of Supervisors. Powhatan County and SCS Broadband entered into a contract in September 2016 to bring wireless broadband to the county within the next year. SCS Broadband is planning to build out a network to bring internet to residents and businesses within the next year. Please click on the link below to be notified when service is available for your location.

Thank you and we are excited to get this project started.

1-23-17 BOS Regular Meeting with Broadband Implementation Plan Presentation at the 7:30 Mark