Billing/Collection of Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes
  • Personal Property taxes are due twice a year - June 5 and November 5 of each year
  • Real Estate is due twice a year - June 5 and November 5 of each year
Late Payments
All payments that are not paid on the due date are subject to a 10% penalty by law and an additional 10% interest is applied yearly.

Collecting Estimated & State Income Taxes Due
The Treasurer's Office collects, deposits the money in the State Treasury Account and files all necessary documents with the Department of Taxation.

Selling of Dog & Kennel Licenses
Residential Zone
  • Dog Licenses for up to 4 dogs - $10 per dog; $7 per dog if the dogs are spayed or neutered
  • Kennel Licenses with Approved Conditional Use Permit for more than 4 dogs - $50
Agricultural Zone
  • Dog Licenses - $10 per dog; $7 per dog if spayed or neutered
  • Kennel Licenses - $50.
Other Licenses
  • Dangerous Dog (declared by court) - $100 each
  • Wolf Hybrid - $50 each
Rabies Certificate
Taxpayer must always present a valid rabies certificate signed by a veterinarian in order for us to process the charge. The certificate must specify whether or not the pet is spayed or neutered in order to receive the discounted rate.

Pay Taxes Online
Now you can view and pay your taxes online, as well as check amounts due and previous payments.

Pay Taxes by Phone
If you wish to pay by credit card over the phone, call 1-800-2PAYTAX. Powhatan's jurisdiction code is: 1096.