Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)

  1. Cost & Fees

    The county is allowed to require reasonable charges for services regarding requested records.

  2. County Responsibilities

    The County of Powhatan has several responsibilities they must meet when responding to a request for records.

  3. Exemptions

    There are some exemptions for which the county is allowed to withhold records.

  4. Request Form (PDF)

    Use this form to start the process of requesting records.

  5. Requester Rights & Responsibilities

    Those requesting records have several rights and responsibilities granted to them by the Freedom of Information Act.

  6. Requesting Records

    There are several ways a citizen may request records from the County of Powhatan.

  7. Types of Records

    See what types of records fall under the request guidelines of the Freedom of Information Act.

  8. Virginia FOIA Council

FOIA Officers

Requests for the following Departments/Offices:

County Administration
Commissioner of the Revenue
Commonwealth's Attorney
Community Development
Economic Development
Fire & Rescue/Emergency Management
Human Resources
Parks & Recreation
Public Works

Please contact Bonni Johnston or Kerri Delaney 

Requests for Other Departments/Offices:


Circuit Court -

Teresa Hash Dobbins, Clerk
Office: 804-598-5660
S. Roxanne Salerno, Deputy Clerk
Office: 804-598-5660


Peggy Martin, Library Director
Office: 804-598-5670

Treasurer' s Office

Rebecca C. Nunnally, Chief Deputy Treasurer 
Office: 804-598-5625
Fax: 804-598-5436

Sheriff's Office


Cindy Gillespie,Communications Manager
Office: 804-598-5760
Anne Reynolds, Crime Analyst
Office: 804-598-5657

​Social Services - 

Catherine Pemberton, Director
Office: 804-598-5630